Automating Gophish Releases With Ansible and Docker

It’s been a while! While I haven’t posted as much here, I have been writing quite a bit over on Duo’s blog about the really cool research I’ve gotten to do this past year with the incredible Duo Labs team.

Any spare time I’ve had has been spent working on Gophish. This past year I’ve released a new hand-crafted, artisinal website, responded to nearly 400 support requests, and made too many improvements to count!

Now, most people who use Gophish use a pre-built binary*, which means that it’s important to make new releases as soon as possible after improvements are made. Otherwise, I’m left answering support requests with the advice of “build from source”, which is not ideal.

The previous release process was manual, making it a huge pain. This led to inconsistency and large amounts of time spent packaging every release, which results in very infrequent releases.

This post documents the previous process as well as how I recently improved it using Ansible, Docker, DigitalOcean API’s, and more.

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